Tobias Vineyard

Welcome to Tobias Vineyards. We are very excited to present to you our family wines. Tobias was created by two people coming together with the experience of working in their own family wineries and sharing that knowledge and love of wine to produce Tobias.  Dawn and Toby Forman, husband and wife, own and run Tobias Vineyards together from vine to bottle.
We are producing our Howell Mountain, Napa Valley Tobias Cabernet that comes from our home vineyard in the hills above St Helena. Our white wine is our North Coast Tobias Chardonnay that comes from our family vineyards in Mendocino County. As third generation farmers, we love growing grapes and producing beautiful wines!
The 2014 Harvest moved along a fast pace and the wines are tasting great! We were lucky to have consistent good weather with little to no rain during the last bit of ripening and harvest time allowing us to pick straight through from whites to reds. The fruit was clean and full of robust flavors and picked at the ideal time. We look forward to having you enjoy our new vintages of Tobias Chardonnay and Cabernet.

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